Eden Farmstay Getaway

A farmstay is something we’ve often talked about doing with the lads. When a great winter deal came up for Eden Farmstay we jumped on it. It has far exceeded my expectations, and I’m sad to be leaving in the morning.

Pigs, chickens, roosters, bunnies, alpacas, goats and cows fill the beautiful pastures. Eggs on toast like I’ve never tasted. Frost in the morning, sunshine through the day. Animals living as animals should live. what a way to spend 3 wintery days!

Asher’s hope for this trip was to hug a goat. Not only did he get to do so, on many occasions, he also found a kindred spirit in Ian the kid.

Isaac, who is not an animal lover, has amazed us with his enthusiasm. On the first day, he was ever so cautious and adamant he would not hand feed animals. By day two he was feeding cows apples and allowing goats to nuzzle food from his palms. A goat even jumped up on his chest and he dealt with it beautifully. Now he wants a bunny.

Wearing gumboots everyday felt so good!

There’s something really special about this place. Matt and Jo (our hosts) go far above what you would expect. The feeding routine starts with a gentle tap on the cottage door, prompting us to all jump up to grab our gumboots and head out for the rounds with Matthew. He could have done the feeding much faster alone, but instead spent close to an hour leading us and giving us time to feed the animals and extra time to play with the goats. One thing I’ve realised doing the rounds is alpacas are among my least favourite animals, with spit that makes sewerage smell like daisies. Seriously.

We will be back, and I encourage my local friends to support this great family in their venture, and come for the best local mini break available!







A-Z of Gratitude: J is for June 21

I’m so grateful that we have passed the shortest day of the year. Winter solstice has come and gone, so we are marching toward spring!
Yes, we still have two months of winter, but at least our daylight hours are on the rise.
Living in Tasmania we tend to get cold fingers, toes and noses. We feel a tad caged up for a few months, but there are many things to love about this time of year. We have the majestic, snow capped Mount Wellington to gaze upon from our living room window, and it’s only 30 minutes drive to play in the snow. While the air is crisp outside, we enjoy the streaming sunlight that warms the house.

Meals are hearty and comforting as we dust off the slow cooker, light candles and open a bottle of red wine.
We snuggle under blankets while we read or watch movies together.
Board games and card games make a big comeback.
We enjoy cozy days at home in our track pants or if you’re name is Asher, pajamas all day!
Hot chocolates and marshmallows are enjoyed at the “family cafe.” (aka our dining table)

Winter changes our pace and brings us together.
Cold hands, warm heart.