Happy birthday to me

I can no longer deny I am in my mid-thirties, after turning 35 yesterday.  What a joyous occasion it was when I realised at the end of the day that my sons are finally at an age where they can appreciate that it is not about THEM on MY birthday! Hip hip hooray! They didn’t fight me to open my gifts, and they didn’t scream with horror and disappointment when my gift was gorgeous bangles rather than Lego.

The cards the lads made were fun, and deserve a mention here.  Asher (4) did a drawing of mummy in a bra on the front of the card, or in his words, “boo-boo holders”.  Bear in mind, this is the child who cut out Jennifer Aniston’s legs for a kinder collage project.

Sitting in my favourite café, Ginger Brown, for 3 hours was a great way to spend the morning of my 35th.  First, brunch with my lads, but I kicked them out before a few girlfriends arrived for some coffee and cake. No one can do three hours in a café with kids, especially someone coming to terms with the downhill slide to 40.

This was my birthday sunset view from the front of our house – what a gift!

After the lads went to bed, I put  a Stan Getz cd on, lit some candles, popped the birthday champagne and ate more easter chocolate.  Happy, relaxed, low-key, simple birthday to me.