The List: School holiday edition

School holidays when I was a child consisted of a whole lot of reading and playing with the neighbourhood kids.  Life is so different now.  Firstly, most of our immediate neighbours were children 200 years ago, so they aren’t exactly suitable playmates for my children.  Secondly, electronic devices when I was a child consisted of vacuum cleaners and toasters, so they weren’t exactly appealing as objects of amusement.

Juggling the use of devices is an ongoing issue, and we are currently trialing a screen time token system.  Our lads don’t have their own personal device, but we do have a Wii and an iPad as well as 2 laptops which we allow them to access with our permission.  The tokens are working really well so far, as the lads are highly motivated to accumulate screen time minutes; therefore chores are done more willingly, and bedtime is no longer such a drawn out process for Middle Son.


However, screen time is only a minimal part of the lads day, so there is a need for other activities to fill our days.  Now with a 14 week old baby in our family (a belated post coming up about this big news!), occupying the bigger boys is a much more pressing issue!  So what does one do when they have a 7 and 8 year old who need to be entertained, but one does not have the same amount of time as in previous school holidays?  Why, you construct a list, of course! I do love lists, and grab any opportunity to pen one. So the arrival of school holidays was a fitting occasion to create a list of potential activities for the lads, so that they had a resource to go back to when the childhood profanity is spoken – “BORED!!!”

After I presented them the list, I requested that they initial any activities that sparked their interest. Here’s what happened…


The list has since mutated, with the addition of science experiments involving water pistols, cloud dough and aluminium foil art.  I will post updates as these are ticked off the list.




A-Z of Gratitude: H is for Holidays!

School holidays awaken feelings of dread for so many parents. Call me strange, but I dread the holidays coming to an end! We are fast approaching the end of three weeks of school holidays. I know I’m incredibly blessed to have Matt home for these holidays- people remind me of this all the time. Smart decision to marry a teacher;)

Apart from the odd sibling brutality, we have really enjoyed one another’s company. We are all bookworms, so if one of us has our head in a book, it’s a good indication that we want some time out. We have 57 library books out at the moment,  so there’s been quite a bit of “head in book” action.

Here’s a photo story of some of our holiday fun. We had a very simple, relaxed time. Lots of quality time together drawing, reading, creating and relishing the beautiful winter sunshine! The simple things win.