My life: The Musical

I wanted to blog for two days in a row. Just because.  I didn’t want to think too deeply or try to solve the worlds problems so I googled BLOG PROMPTS. Here is what got my attention…

“Cue the Violins

If your life were a movie, what would its soundtrack be like? What songs, instrumental pieces, and other sound effects would be featured on the official soundtrack album?”

Oh this is going to be fun! Firstly, the opening scenes would be an eclectic mix of rap and yodelling, because these are the extremes of my life. You see, my life IS a musical. Just ask my husband and my kids and my besties. I have a song for everything and if there is no song, then I make it happen. I have composed millions, but sadly, for the rest of the world, these have not been recorded. They have been one performance only type compositions. What a sad, sad thing.

Did you know that if you want to argue or tell someone off, if you sing it you can save a marriage? Try it. We are still married, so that is proof it works.

Ok, back to my soundtrack. There would have to be some screamy Transvision Vamp type scenes that offset the frequent drudgeries of motherhood.

The Angels “I wanna get out of this place”. Do you really need me to elaborate? Didn’t think so.

Spin Doctors “What time is it?” has to be there. I think I am driving my family mad whenever they ask me “What time is it?”  It might be 10am or 1pm but I will generally answer singing, “4.30. It’s not late, no, no, no. It’s just early, early, early.”

Rogers and Hammerstein – now the bulk of the soundtrack is found amidst these musical delights.  Poor Judd is dead, poor Judd Fryers deeaaard. It’s a grand night for siiiinging, the moon is flying high. Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be frieeeeeends.

Guns N’ Roses – “Take me back to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Oh won’t you please take me home.” Don’t ask me why, but this song has literally been stuck in my head for about a decade. It just won’t go away, so I sing it. A lot. For no apparent reason.

Europe – The Final Countdown. For no lyrical reasons whatsoever, just “na na na naaaaaaa na na na na naaaaaaaaaa” reasons.

Over the Rainbow – just because I know how to play this on ukulele so it would add a new layer to my image – people might finally realise I am a groovy uke chic and want to hang with me more.

Crazy Frog. Jokes.

Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm- Let’s face it. When you are a parent you don’t always listen. Sometimes you just go into “mmmm” autopilot and end up agreeing to things that make kids happy and parents crazy.

Sound effects – none would be necessary to be honest. There are enough sound effects of bodily types, and household appliances, stomping feet, dropping pots and pans, screaming baby and the rhythmic sounds of shhhing and patting to last for a trilogy.

I could go on for hours with this. I might have to do a series…


The sound of silence

As I sit here on a Monday morning, gearing myself up for another day of study, I am reminded of how quiet my life is all of a sudden. And I am not happy about it.

I remember with gushy fondness the noise that once filled this house for what seemed like every moment of everyday. The big noise of little boys feet running around the house, the squabbles, the squeals of joy, the tears of tiredness. This was the hustle and bustle that was my life with two small lads. These lads are now at school. Every freaking day. And I miss them more than I could even try to describe. I miss the silly fun we used to have. I miss the snuggles before I put them down for a nap. I miss the happy sounds of them waking up. I miss the cute ways they used to say things. I miss the morning teas, the afternoon teas. I miss the mess. I miss them.

But I must remind myself, I still have them. While I cannot possibly remember every moment of their infant years, I feel the moments, even the ones that I cannot recall. I feel the closeness, I feel the dependency they once had. It is different now. Different will be my constant companion, because this is what raising kids is all about; being with them as they change and as they grow. They may not be here making noise, but no doubt they are filling the air with their delicious noise at school.

The little one we said goodbye to in October only 4 weeks after that line appeared is in my heart, and the baby that we hope to have is on my mind. If we are blessed to bring an extra one to our family one day, I am certain there will be moments that I will wish for silence like this again. But I am sure that I will also remind myself that those kinds of noises are the most beautiful sounds in the world, and that one day I will miss them.

A-Z of Gratitude Finale! X,Y & Z

X is for X marks the spot.  We have had our fair share of all things pirate in this house.  We can speak pirate with the best of them, and create the most elaborate pirate treasure maps, using tea bags to stain and burn the edges of the paper (I loved doing that when I was a child).  As I sit here this morning in the quiet while the lads are at school, I can’t help but think, this is my X. This family, this home that is filled with laughter, activity, mess, meltdowns – this is my treasure.  I don’t need to pursue some out there dream because I am dissatisfied. I am more than satisfied with my lot in life.  Yes, I have dreams and I always will. That is healthy. But I do not for one moment wish I had an X at another spot on another map.  I have found my spot. Right here, with my gorgeous family.


Y is for yesterday.  Yesterday was a great day for our family.  Relaxing, adventurous and peaceful.  It’s nice to reflect on our yesterdays, so we can digest and learn,appreciate and grow. Most of the time, we get caught up in the sheer speed of day-to-day life and we can’t even keep up with today, let alone reflect on yesterday!  But when we do, it is interesting to note what we did well, what made us happy, what we could have done better – in our parenting, our marriage, our work, our friendships, our projects.


Z is for Zany friends.  Comical, whimsical, out of the box friends are,  what treasures they are!  I am meeting one for lunch just after I log off here.  I love her bright red hair. Her amazing fashion sense. Her laugh. Her depth of understanding and empathy and her lack of want to please the entire universe.  Such friends refresh us and their perspective can realign us. Go and hug your zany friends, and if you don’t have any, be one or find one.

Zee end of zee A-Z of Gratitude!

Body of mine…thank you.

I just read the most wonderful letter.
It inspired me to speak life and kindness to my own body.

Freckles, if you have them you would know, bring a love/hate factor to life. I hated them until I was about 20. I used to try and cover them, avoid too much sun for fear of more. Now I love them. I love that they tell a part of my story. My Celtic heritage, my sun-kissed, outdoorsy childhood. I love that they hide wrinkles nicely! Freckles, you are cute!

Curly hair, I love you. My hair is thin, so you add volume and for that I am thankful. I hated you as a child and wished for straight locks. Now I am thankful for the fun and ease of curls.

My bunion. Ah, dear old thing. I have often thought of starting a new business to celebrate you rather than hide you. Bunion Bling! You hurt me sometimes, but I am grateful that I can still walk with ease.

My breasts, wherever you are! I used to long for you girls to grow. You did, temporarily to allow me to feed my lads. What a blessing. Even though you have now shrunk, I see the perks. ( No pun intended!) I don’t need to wear a bra 24/7. That’s a good thing!

My tummy, once flat and firm, you are now a tad soft and not quite so flat. You are like a trophy that reminds me of the greatest achievement of my body – pregnancy and childbirth.

My eyes and ears, how can I begin to thank you for the beauty that you enable me to see and hear every day of my life. The sound of my children giggling, the opening of the door when my husband arrives home. The looks on the lads faces when they see me waiting for them after school. The sunsets, the colors of the seasons. Gratitude forever.

And my taste buds, to you I have so much to be grateful for!! Wine, Thai food, chocolate, coffee. I do need to learn to make you less eager for attention!

My hands, to you I say thank you for enabling me to practically care for my loved ones. To cook and clean. To create fun things for the lads to play with. Using you, I can express so much creativity. But your most valuable role, hands down, is touching. Feeling those I love. Offering a caring touch to a stranger in need. A playful touch on the arm in jest with a friend. Hands, you are amazing.

Too often I focus on what I want to change about my body. But today I am reminded that the body I live in is a huge blessing.

A-Z of Gratitude: M is for Moments

24 hours in a day. So much to do, I hear you say?

Washing. Cooking. Cleaning. School runs. Parent help. Work. Sex. Reading stories to the kids. Budgeting. Let alone finding the time to deal with the forests that are growing on your legs, or the pelvic floor exercises that you know you need to do. Books that you want to read pile up? Cups of tea go cold? There’s a lot to fit into these 24 hours we are dealt each day. What we tend to lose sight of is the fact that we are actually given enough time each day. We just complicate things with mixed up priorities, unrealistic expectations and poor time management. (I’m sure you never sit in front of the television wasting an hour or two watching something that doesn’t interest you in the slightest?!)

Break the 24 hours into moments. That’s easier to manage. 1440 moments in a day sounds like loads of time!! Approximately 10 of those are spent on the toilet if you’re a woman, 100 if you’re a man. 15 packing everyone’s lunches. Maybe 400 -450 sleeping. I spend around 90-120 driving most days to and from school. Add to that chores, paying bills, preparing meals and the total creeps up.

So many of our moments are consumed by the everyday things, the seemingly “mundane” tasks. But it’s these mundane moments that make up our lives. If we choose to define our moments as monotonous or mundane, that’s how we will define our lives. I’m convinced that there’s nothing mundane about raising a family and meeting their various needs. It’s actually quite amazing and an underrated achievement. Take a moment now to pat yourself on the back or give yourself a high five for being so awesome. (Maybe make sure no one is watching before you do…)

I had a slow day today as I had to lads home from school with fever and chest infection. This meant my day was not rushed and there was plenty of time to immerse myself in some of our everyday moments.

I took some pictures of the moments I enjoy – things that are usual around here, yet wonderful.






I enjoyed a cup of rooibos on the deck with a book. I enjoyed watching a plane fly over. I looked at our gorgeous proteas. I smiled as I looked at the outdoor play things our lads enjoy. I read to the boys from the stash of op shop books we purchased today. Moments.

This evening while my dedicated husband prepared school reports, I got to hold Asher while he slept, due to him being unwell. I just stared at him for 15 minutes, knowing that these opportunities don’t come my way very often these days.

Cherishing the moments.



Attitude of Gratitude

I have lots to be thankful for, so for the next few weeks I will be putting up my A-Z of gratitude.  I feel inspired to be intentional about having an attitude of gratitude. I would love it if you posted comments and joined with me in this little exercise.


A is for Asher.


We look at our number two lad sometimes and shake our heads in wonder – where did he come from?! We laugh about the many faces of Asher – think Jim Carey and you will come close to imagining the things this child can do with his face.  He makes us laugh hysterically most days.  He is full of affection and often we will hear “I love you to the milky way and back 100 times” as he wraps his arms around us.  Asher is motivated by fun.  He loves to entertain with stunt shows and magic shows.  He is a collector of random, weird things, which I secretly steal away and put in the bin every few weeks.  This is to prevent his room from appearing on that horrid show, “Hoarders”.  No, I don’t feel bad about this, and no, it won’t have an adverse affect on his adult life that I took things away without him knowing.

How quaint that his name rhymes with some of the words that best describe him – Flasher, Dasher and Stasher.


So very thankful that he is ours. He is simply delightful.