Olympic Birthday Party

Our darling lad, Isaac is turning 7 this weekend. When you hold a screaming baby, people tell you, “It’s only a short phase. Before you know it they will be at school and playing soccer.”

How true are those words. The speed of rearing children is comparable only to Usain Bolt running the 100m sprint. Surely even HE couldn’t compete with how fast my beautiful son is growing up.

Our lads are old enough to appreciate the Olympics this time around, and Isaac thought it would be fun to have an Olympics birthday bash. We timed it so it was on the day that the games opened. The boys spent the morning watching the end of the Opening Ceremony while Matt and I did last minute preps before our guests arrived, clad in their country of choice.


Asher donned the green and gold head band for Australia, Isaac was in the USA zone, as he is convinced he can “speak American.” Matt was all black for New Zealand, and I got on the Brazil bandwagon. All of our gear was purchased from one of our favourite op shops for a crazy bargain price.

The list of events for the day:

Cheezy Olympic Rings. All you need is some string and Cheezels. Then the competitors had to eat their cheezels as fast as they could. Yummy and fun!


The Nerf shooting range was held under the carport due to the rain that was on and off. Some children had never used a Nerf gun and their expressions as they focused on the target was hilarious.Image

Lego Minifigure Diving was possibly the biggest hit amongst the kids. They had to drop their minifig from the top of the deck and attempt to land it in the bowl of water on the ground.


Mighty Beanz Luge. We cut a pool noodle in half to create two racing channels. Then the beanz were let go to speed down the noodle.


Shot Put using these cute mini marshmallow poppersmini marshmallow poppershttp://www.realsimple.com/work-life/entertainment/crafts-hobbies/make-a-mini-marshmallow-popper-00000000039219/


Balloon volleyball using the couch as a net.

Archery using these bow and arrows

The birthday boy decided he would like hot dogs and cold rock party food. Cold Rock is an ice creamery that is insanely overpriced. It’s a big hit for kids as you choose your ice cream flavour, then your add ons. These are various chocolates and sweets that are then mushed into your icecream. We make our own at home and the boys love it. I used cupcake liners and gave each Olympian guest some ice cream or sorbet with some “add ons”.


So another year of birthday parties for the lads is done. We do have Isaac’s cake to look forward to still, this Sunday. I shall post pics on the weekend. Happy Birthday, Isaac. You are loved.






Trashy Treasures

Birthday parties – if you have kids, you know the drill. Kids get excited because they know they get to stuff their face with all the food you rarely allow them to eat and they can behave pretty much anyway they like, because seriously, who gets told off at a birthday party?! Before they leave they receive a party bag, filled with even more of those things that we don’t want them to eat – red lollies.  Thanks for that.  Zing-zing the day away.

When I go to some of these parties the gift opening ceremony makes me squirm a bit!  Have you ever looked closely at the expressions on the faces of the kids as they watch the procession of boxes passing them by?  Gift after gift being handed to the same kid, and that kid doesn’t even share! They watch longingly and try to hold their emotions together and smile.  I know what they are really thinking, and it’s not “I am so happy that Fred is getting all the things I wish I had.” These kids do well to resist their urges to tear open the wrapping and do a runner with the loot. Bless those parents who save the gift opening until the guests have gone home.

We don’t take out a second mortgage to buy gifts for such parties.

Because there are so many parties to go to at the moment we are giving trash.  The boys have a prized possession, cute little trash cans that they received from our friend filled with sweets at Christmas.  They store all kinds of treasures in them.

We have been buying these little trash cans and the boys decorate them with stickers and fill them with stamps, novelty erasers and other fun things that kids this age just love.  So far they have worked a treat, and the lads love putting this gift together for their friends.

In saying all of that, it’s my birthday next week and I don’t want a trashy treasure can unless its filled with enough money to buy an iPad.