It’s a week of loveliness. I’ve decided. It’s a very busy week, but it’s lovely.

Aren’t clean windows lovely? I washed our windows this afternoon. When you appreciate the lovely things in your life, even the tedious things are acts of loveliness. To enjoy our stunning view through clean (well, a few smudges here and there) windows is thoroughly gratifying.

Isn’t biscotti lovely? To bake something extra special to share with my family is lovely. Messy, but deliciously lovely. (Experimental success: gluten free, pistachio and chocolate biscotti, mmmm.)

Sunsets; they happen every single day, but never cease to be lovely.To walk along our beach at sunset… You guessed it- lovely.

To find my post-exam creative project – a vintage telephone table that I can add some colour to – that’s luxuriously lovely!!

So there you have it, I’ve decided. Despite being the big study week, this week is going up be a lovely week, full of lovely things, lovely moments and lovely thoughts. Ah, lovely.

I hope you find and create the loveliness in your week.








Miracle ladybug

This afternoon as I was hanging out the washing, Asher informed me that he had a new pet in his school pants pocket…the very ones that went through the washing machine!! We went to the clothesline and opened his wet pocket to remove the unfortunate creature, only to find the ladybug was still alive! A slightly damaged wing but alive! We found a nice leaf and hope he has a feast and feels much better after his thrill ride in a front loader. Lucky for the ladybug I only selected a 15 minute quick wash! I think it’s name is Lazarus the Ladybug.

Asher has learnt a lesson today about appropriate care of itty bitty’s.

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Cloud Gazing

The sun was shining, as I took to the deck with my book. I only read a few pages before I was distracted by the clouds above. I saw a dinosaur, a crazy bird face and a goat. I was reminded of how often I used to cloud gaze as a little girl, and how infrequently I do this as an adult. Generally when I do, it’s with the lads. But today it was just me, a hammock and the sky.

Isaac wandered out later and asked me what I was doing. Then he pointed out an Ankylosaurus and a Stegosaurs, instantly.

Just a few moments of cloud gazing was food for the soul.


A-Z of Gratitude: V is for View

We live in a small house with a great view. We have 180 degree water views and gaze upon Mount Wellington. I know many people take their outlook for granted, but I am deliberate about enjoying the beauty outside of our windows. I make sure I include the lads in the gazing game. The mountain is ever changing so there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy. Usually by this time in winter we have had many days of snow covering the mountain, but this has been slow to arrive this year.

If I had to choose mountain or water views one day I would struggle! Looking at water is calming, but looking to the mountain is powerful and energizing. Thankfully, at this point in our lives, I can enjoy both at the same time.

I’ve included images of the various aspects from our living area.



A-Z of Gratitude: K is for Keen Kids

Sometimes you are struck with the realization that your children have arrived at yet another stage. Yesterday, we spent a few hours outside enjoying some glorious wintery sunshine. We decided to give our neglected veggie patch some much needed attention. In the past, the lads have lost interest as fast as you can say “pull those weeds please.” Things have changed. They were keen! Isaac spent close to an hour using a mattock to turn the garden beds over, while Asher helped with some weeding, before finding rocks to smash and grubs to play with. While he didn’t work up a sweat like his brother, we were still thrilled that the garden held his attention for such a lengthy time.



We have a stash of old pallets behind the garden shed, so used some of these for new garden beds. The lads will have one of their own to grow their choice of veggies. It will be their responsibility to tend to their patch, and they will enjoy the fruits of their labour at harvest time if all goes well!
It’s very important to us that our children appreciate the food we eat. Growing your own is a sure way to increase gratitude and respect for the process and the produce.