My life: The Musical

I wanted to blog for two days in a row. Just because.  I didn’t want to think too deeply or try to solve the worlds problems so I googled BLOG PROMPTS. Here is what got my attention…

“Cue the Violins

If your life were a movie, what would its soundtrack be like? What songs, instrumental pieces, and other sound effects would be featured on the official soundtrack album?”

Oh this is going to be fun! Firstly, the opening scenes would be an eclectic mix of rap and yodelling, because these are the extremes of my life. You see, my life IS a musical. Just ask my husband and my kids and my besties. I have a song for everything and if there is no song, then I make it happen. I have composed millions, but sadly, for the rest of the world, these have not been recorded. They have been one performance only type compositions. What a sad, sad thing.

Did you know that if you want to argue or tell someone off, if you sing it you can save a marriage? Try it. We are still married, so that is proof it works.

Ok, back to my soundtrack. There would have to be some screamy Transvision Vamp type scenes that offset the frequent drudgeries of motherhood.

The Angels “I wanna get out of this place”. Do you really need me to elaborate? Didn’t think so.

Spin Doctors “What time is it?” has to be there. I think I am driving my family mad whenever they ask me “What time is it?”  It might be 10am or 1pm but I will generally answer singing, “4.30. It’s not late, no, no, no. It’s just early, early, early.”

Rogers and Hammerstein – now the bulk of the soundtrack is found amidst these musical delights.  Poor Judd is dead, poor Judd Fryers deeaaard. It’s a grand night for siiiinging, the moon is flying high. Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be frieeeeeends.

Guns N’ Roses – “Take me back to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Oh won’t you please take me home.” Don’t ask me why, but this song has literally been stuck in my head for about a decade. It just won’t go away, so I sing it. A lot. For no apparent reason.

Europe – The Final Countdown. For no lyrical reasons whatsoever, just “na na na naaaaaaa na na na na naaaaaaaaaa” reasons.

Over the Rainbow – just because I know how to play this on ukulele so it would add a new layer to my image – people might finally realise I am a groovy uke chic and want to hang with me more.

Crazy Frog. Jokes.

Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm- Let’s face it. When you are a parent you don’t always listen. Sometimes you just go into “mmmm” autopilot and end up agreeing to things that make kids happy and parents crazy.

Sound effects – none would be necessary to be honest. There are enough sound effects of bodily types, and household appliances, stomping feet, dropping pots and pans, screaming baby and the rhythmic sounds of shhhing and patting to last for a trilogy.

I could go on for hours with this. I might have to do a series…


I am here, under this pile of books and papers…

I have been somewhat MIA. University studies are proving to be more consuming than I anticpated (!!). With family and work, I have felt that my creative side starving and losing energy. I am truly grieving this and know that I must continue to pursue the creative life, keep feeding it, so that it gains strength and momentum in my life once more, despite academia, work and the everyday things that simply must be done.

So today, even though I have papers that must be done and readings that are piling higher than the sky (well, almost) I decided to enjoy the creativity that was going on around me. Matt and the lads jumped onto and were captivated by the Spy Week activities. I, however, felt ripped off. Here they were, doing the fun things that I have always loved to set up for them, WITHOUT MY ASSISTANCE!

This is a good thing, right?


Anyway, I had a friend ask me what I was doing tonight. I said I couldn’t play because I had to study. Then I got the guilts. I felt like a bad friend. So I contacted her and made her banana bread. She is about to arrive any minute. You see, I get obsessed with things and I forget that life is made up of MANY wonderful things – I just lose sight of them sometimes. It is hard to see (and breathe) under a pile of books, papers and highlighter pens. I get fixated, I go over and over and over sentences trying to get them “just right”. But the words of my ever wise husband ring in my ears…”You do not have the luxury of perfectionism this time. Not with a family and a job and uni.” He is right. I can do my best, but I must remember that boundaries are a good thing, they actually help me to suceed in ALL areas, rather than sacrificing some to succeed in others. Like my creativity.

So, it is here that I am reminded again that getting top grades (which, by the way, I rather like!) is not the goal of my year. The goal is to be balanced, whilst finishing my degree. I can finish it, even without a long line of High Distinctions. Credits, or even a Pass (GASP!) will still get me to the goal.

And here I was thinking that my few years of slowing things down reprogrammed my driven nature. Let’s try this again, shall we?





Photo story of my week

What a big week we have had!

Matt and I attended a marriage enrichment weekend last week. Beautiful!!! It was held at a gorgeous vineyard, filled with wonderful conversation and food- but most of all, uninterrupted time to laugh and be with my husband.

We have painted Asher’s feature wall using paint from the Tip Shop. Bargain.

I bought Matt a new lawn mower. His first new one ever! He won’t miss repairing the old one every time he had to use it.

It was Book Week at school for the lads. Isaac was Cole from Ninjago and Asher, the bear from “We’re going on a bear hunt.” Easy this year.

The sun broke through so Ash and I took to the beach!

We had birthday curry with our dear friend, Betsy. She is a true and delightful friend who is easy to celebrate.

The blossoms are budding on our fruit trees. Spring is on its way. Yay.

We said farewell to friends who have moved north. Ash and I went to do a few clean up jobs in their empty home. That was a bit sad. Reminding me of those dear friends who have, over the years said farewell and moved far away. One of these friends is on her way home next week though, so that’s exciting.

A great week. Now I’m ready for the next!! Hoping yours was blessed.











A-Z of Gratitude: S is for School Teachers

When I was a kid, I thought some teachers were out to make life harder than it needed to be. You know the ones, the teachers who are insanely grouchy and have forgotten what it’s like to be a kid. The ones who are overdue for retirement.

I’ll never forget the names of my woodwork teachers: Mr DOWLing, Mr BURR and Mr HaDRILL. Seriously does it get any better than that?! Woodwork teachers with woody names.
One of them really didn’t like me. He used to get so agro with me that I had to ask him to stop spitting in my face while he yelled at me. Not cool, Mr D.
Another time, a substitute teacher threw a chair at me. Bad move on his part, but in hindsight, can’t say I blame him. Lucky for me he didn’t have a Hulk moment and tear the blackboard off the wall and throw that at me.
They weren’t all bad though. I was blessed enough to have some top notch teachers who really impacted my life. These were the ones who encouraged us, laughed with us and made us feel like we mattered.

When I was old enough to appreciate their worth, I decided I’d like to marry a PE teacher with sideburns. Sports teachers are always the best looking and the most likable. I thought it’d be great to spend my life with someone who’s good to look at, fit enough to outlive me and on holidays 13 weeks a year.
Guess who I married? A Physical Education teacher with sideburns. I was hated by his year 10 female students when our engagement was announced.

My hubby is a teacher that will be remembered by many. He’s dedicated, fun and he really cares for his students. He works his butt off, so when people whine about the amount of holidays teachers get, I want to bitch slap them. Some teachers probably don’t deserve their holidays, but good teachers earn every last second.

Yay for me. I got the hot PE teacher.




Back to basics

Having an attitude of gratitude is easy-peasy when things are going as we want them to. But I know that gratitude is an attitude, so today I am thankful for the lessons and reminders that come our way when circumstances are not ideal.
You may have looked at our changing rooms photos from a week ago. During the afternoon I managed to twinge my back. It’s been a niggley that’s developed into somewhat of an ouchy. I’m now under the doctors instruction to rest so that it can repair. There’s a problem with a disc, but she’s very confident that I’ll be sorted in a few weeks.
So in the meantime, I’m sitting here with my granny hot water bottle reading and watching the final of The Voice.
My husband has back pain everyday and rarely complains. This is quite a feat, as all the back pain sufferers out there would know. I am amazed at his ability to give attention to the things that are good, and not feed the pain with attention. Too often we grumble too quickly (not my hubby!!) We whine and complain about things that don’t really matter, like long queues in the shops, or coffee that’s not warm enough. Just the other day a few cars away from us a woman honking her horn impatiently when there was simply nowhere the driver in front could have gone. I was confronted with how cranky human beings can be about things that have no lasting consequence. I don’t want to be that person.
So tonight I am thankful and I’m reminded that horn honking when someone or circumstances slow us down doesn’t get us anywhere. It just tends to frustrate those around us. We all have our “stuff”. That’s just life. But I’m hoping to get through this hurdle without honking my horn too much.