Sleep deprived selfie frenzy

I’m not a fan of selfies. I will do the odd baby and mummy selfie, but beyond that I’m not a subscriber to bombarding social media with my mug. But today something came over me. Some kind of sleep deprived frenzy overtook me as I sat, once more under the 10kg of gorgeousness that is my son, Tobias. I suddenly felt trapped. I wanted to break free. So I did. With the one limb that was able to be free, I embarked on a quest for the best selfie. One that shows my husband how good I look after nights of little sleep (what’s new?!) while he’s been away on a school camp. And I laughed. Just quietly without jolting my baby too much. He remained asleep whilst I experienced first hand the utter joy of selfies. I mean, I look incredible in this light, don’t I? It’s the “I’ve had 3 hours of broken sleep one too many nights” look. No filters necessary. You can’t manufacture this kind of art. It’s pure, 100% sleep deprived goodness.














We have had a few sheets of black cardboard Matt bought home from school last year that are a bit damaged from being used as backdrops for displays. Tonight as we were looking through a Science experiment book from the Library, we stumbled across this and I remembered the cardboard.
It was the first ever shadow sketch experience for the lads, and we got to turn the lights out and use their Lego man torch, which of course made the whole process so much more fun! They were amazed when we cut their silhouette out. We now have beautiful, frugal, simple art in the play room.

A-Z of Gratitude: D is for distractions

I’ve been MIA for a while because I’ve been distracted. My distractions have been quite surprising to be honest. My husband has been wondering if I hit my head or if I have had a Nicholas Cage/John Travolta “Face Off” experience with Martha Stewart.

Deep breath… I have a confession to make…

In my first post I declared I would never, ever undertake certain projects. I said I was not one of  “those” mothers who could do anything – that bit is still true, but I am sure trying my hand at more things than I ever have before!

In my new-found creative space, I have been seduced by the sewing machine.  After a few sessions of playing around with my sister-in-law’s machine I was all stitched up and just had to have one of my very own. My friends are in shock, my husband is afraid, and I am in hysterics. This really is a twist in the plot of my life – a twist that has stunned all who know me!!


Some of my creations are interesting to say the least. The “Vintage teletubbie look alike” doll (as named by a friend amidst her laughter ) has been a favorite among friend’s daughters.


I am also using vintage fabrics to create some jewellery. Guess what my friends and family will receive for gifts for the next decade?!


My furniture projects are still distracting me from housework, and I’ll post pics later this week of the drinks cabinet I am working on.  This project was inspired by my Nan who left me her gorgeous tea set.

I have completed the first round of doily tea light holders I mentioned a few posts ago – very happy with how they turned out.


I have whipped up four of these reversible winter hats. Asher particularly loves his, and didn’t want it off his cute head for a few days.  I was quite chuffed, even if it meant his temperature was rising.


Ah, distractions are so fun!



Fence memo boards

I made the boys a memo board each for art work and photos for their bedrooms yesterday.  We have a stack of old fence palings so I gave them a quick sand and painted some wooden pegs to glue on them.  A super quick and easy project which means that the lads can display their creativity in their own space.


Frugal furniture facelift

We foolishly purchased an ivory dining setting before we had children, having no idea how ridiculously messy tiny people could be.  Now we know.  I mean, why use a napkin when you can just wipe your hands all over  the seat?

I have wanted to buy a new setting for a long while now, but decided to put it off until the kids are at an age where they won’t utterly destroy it. I am starting to realise that age never comes for boys.

I pulled a chair apart a few days ago and figured it couldn’t be too hard to reinvent the look. I have never attempted upholstery in my life, in fact I don’t know if I have even said the word out aloud until this week. A staple gun, a screwdriver, some scissors and wine and I’d be set. I went to the op shop to look for vintage dresses or drapes to give the chairs a new look without spending big bucks on new fabric.

This is what I found at the Op Shop.

From this

To this…

Three down, three to go!  Not perfect, but I had loads of fun – no sewing, knitting, crocheting or any of that hard stuff required!!!  Thanks to Matt for the muscles when needed xx