Weekend Snaps

What a great weekend.
Frugal furniture find – a vintage tea trolley!
Incredible food (My Kitchen Rules comp with friends).
Furniture reshuffling.
Chai tea.

Phew, but YIEW!!

Uni again tomorrow…







Eden Farmstay Getaway

A farmstay is something we’ve often talked about doing with the lads. When a great winter deal came up for Eden Farmstay we jumped on it. It has far exceeded my expectations, and I’m sad to be leaving in the morning.

Pigs, chickens, roosters, bunnies, alpacas, goats and cows fill the beautiful pastures. Eggs on toast like I’ve never tasted. Frost in the morning, sunshine through the day. Animals living as animals should live. what a way to spend 3 wintery days!

Asher’s hope for this trip was to hug a goat. Not only did he get to do so, on many occasions, he also found a kindred spirit in Ian the kid.

Isaac, who is not an animal lover, has amazed us with his enthusiasm. On the first day, he was ever so cautious and adamant he would not hand feed animals. By day two he was feeding cows apples and allowing goats to nuzzle food from his palms. A goat even jumped up on his chest and he dealt with it beautifully. Now he wants a bunny.

Wearing gumboots everyday felt so good!

There’s something really special about this place. Matt and Jo (our hosts) go far above what you would expect. The feeding routine starts with a gentle tap on the cottage door, prompting us to all jump up to grab our gumboots and head out for the rounds with Matthew. He could have done the feeding much faster alone, but instead spent close to an hour leading us and giving us time to feed the animals and extra time to play with the goats. One thing I’ve realised doing the rounds is alpacas are among my least favourite animals, with spit that makes sewerage smell like daisies. Seriously.

We will be back, and I encourage my local friends to support this great family in their venture, and come for the best local mini break available!







It’s a week of loveliness. I’ve decided. It’s a very busy week, but it’s lovely.

Aren’t clean windows lovely? I washed our windows this afternoon. When you appreciate the lovely things in your life, even the tedious things are acts of loveliness. To enjoy our stunning view through clean (well, a few smudges here and there) windows is thoroughly gratifying.

Isn’t biscotti lovely? To bake something extra special to share with my family is lovely. Messy, but deliciously lovely. (Experimental success: gluten free, pistachio and chocolate biscotti, mmmm.)

Sunsets; they happen every single day, but never cease to be lovely.To walk along our beach at sunset… You guessed it- lovely.

To find my post-exam creative project – a vintage telephone table that I can add some colour to – that’s luxuriously lovely!!

So there you have it, I’ve decided. Despite being the big study week, this week is going up be a lovely week, full of lovely things, lovely moments and lovely thoughts. Ah, lovely.

I hope you find and create the loveliness in your week.







Miracle ladybug

This afternoon as I was hanging out the washing, Asher informed me that he had a new pet in his school pants pocket…the very ones that went through the washing machine!! We went to the clothesline and opened his wet pocket to remove the unfortunate creature, only to find the ladybug was still alive! A slightly damaged wing but alive! We found a nice leaf and hope he has a feast and feels much better after his thrill ride in a front loader. Lucky for the ladybug I only selected a 15 minute quick wash! I think it’s name is Lazarus the Ladybug.

Asher has learnt a lesson today about appropriate care of itty bitty’s.

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Raising Explorers

The lads were in their element with loads of exploration this week. We visited a local fort and our city museum finally reopened after a massive renovation. The kids were armed with explorers tool kits/backpacks for their journey around the museum. Complete with binoculars, magnifying glass, casts of Tassie Devil skulls, gems, fossils and a sketch pad to record their findings, they were quite the adventurers!








Australia Day Long Weekend

Fires ravaged parts of our beautiful state three weeks ago. Yesterday we returned to our favourite fish and chip market for lunch, in the devastated town of Dunalley. The townsfolk are nothing short of inspiring as they face incredible adversity with huge Aussie grins and true mate ship.

The lads barely spoke a word as we took the same road to Dunalley that we took three weeks ago, the day before the fires. It was an experience they will never forget, as they saw firsthand how much work is yet to be done before these people will once again have their own roof over their heads.

The rest of the pictures tell the story of a relaxing weekend in the sun, celebrating some of the simple things we love in our beautiful country – cricket, barbecues, beaches, bikes, fun and friends.













A-Z of Gratitude: P is for Photographs

When I was a child, back in the dark ages, cameras were dusted off for special occasions. Small children were not to touch, mainly due to dreaded button that would pop the camera back open and expose the film to light – gasp!! Then it was all over, the pictures would be forever destroyed.
Photography from my childhood was not something that was an everyday occurrence. We didn’t have our parents in our faces while we ate, painted, slept or played monopoly. These everyday moments did not make the cut. Films and processing films was far too costly to take so many happy snaps.

Fast forward to today. Cameras are everywhere and photography has become a part of our everyday lives. I confess, I have been asked by my sons on many occasions to put the camera down. I want to capture their creativity, their attitudes and expressions, their accomplishments and their ever changing faces so I have countless memories. But I’m no stranger to the weird feeling that sometimes reminds me that whilst I focus the lens, I lose the really important focus, the act of BEING in the moment. The photo can become the goal, and that’s a bit sad.

The challenge for me is to do something with the thousands of photos I have, rather than having them on a hard drive.

We found a new app today for the iPad and the boys made a cartoon using Trashies and Lego. This is a great use of a camera- giving children an outlet to create a story all of their own!

My word of advice on the subject of taking photos: Happy snaps give some people the craps. Read between the lines and know when it’s time to live life on the other side of the lens.

Here are a few happy snaps from our day today…