Feeling cushy

Tonight it felt good to start and finish a project in an hour. I whipped up a few cushion covers using thrift shop items: a pillow case, off-cut fabric and zips. I paid around $1 for the supplies I used.





I am thinking some napkins might be next on the list of straight line sewing projects for me.


Time to spare

I’m almost two weeks into Uni break and am feeling a tad lost! I have a love-hate relationship with study. As much as I’m enjoying the time to be creative and indulgent, I’m also looking forward to hitting the books for one final semester so I can graduate!

With all the free time I now have, I have surprised myself by reading copious amounts of recipes, and finding great enjoyment in preparing food for my family that is extra special. Asher has decided poached pears are his favourite, but Isaac is stuck on sticky date pudding.

I found a cafe that oozes my style and taste in music this week, so now have a great study book to escape to in winter by the log fire. It is at this cafe I was able to teach my children about Encyclopaedias today! They were fascinated and enthralled by these big, old, alphabetical books.

I took the boys to our beach at sunset today and we had some great time together talking about what we see in nature and captured birds in flight in a special photo. Precious moments.

Here’s the photo frenzy…




It’s a week of loveliness. I’ve decided. It’s a very busy week, but it’s lovely.

Aren’t clean windows lovely? I washed our windows this afternoon. When you appreciate the lovely things in your life, even the tedious things are acts of loveliness. To enjoy our stunning view through clean (well, a few smudges here and there) windows is thoroughly gratifying.

Isn’t biscotti lovely? To bake something extra special to share with my family is lovely. Messy, but deliciously lovely. (Experimental success: gluten free, pistachio and chocolate biscotti, mmmm.)

Sunsets; they happen every single day, but never cease to be lovely.To walk along our beach at sunset… You guessed it- lovely.

To find my post-exam creative project – a vintage telephone table that I can add some colour to – that’s luxuriously lovely!!

So there you have it, I’ve decided. Despite being the big study week, this week is going up be a lovely week, full of lovely things, lovely moments and lovely thoughts. Ah, lovely.

I hope you find and create the loveliness in your week.







Treehouse Bandits

The lads enjoyed some treehouse trickery today, setting up secret traps and learning the art of Sharpie graffiti. They were having so much fun I climbed up to join them with my study. I enjoyed their company far too much to have a productive study session, mind you.
I think I will sneak some time in there next week whilst the lads are at school and set a few “traps” (aka surprises!) up of my own.