Far away friend

This morning while the boys are having some quiet time before school, I have thought of a dear friend, who now lives far too far away from me. When I was impressionable, young and potentially foolish, she took me under her wing. She was older than I, wiser than I and busier than I. Yet she made time and she made me laugh. She took me out to cafes that were far too sophisticated for a rough around the edges teenager that I was. While we sat there for hours at a time, she talked to me about life, and she listened to me while I shared my tumultuous teen/young adult “woes” with her. She believed in me, she spoke truth with grace and she challenged me when I needed it. She was then my Youth Pastor, but she became one of the greatest friends I have ever known in a very short time. The age gap has now closed (she would slap me for referring to an age gap!), our life stages are the same – so now instead of talking for hours we TRY and talk for hours as we are constantly and beautifully interrupted by our gorgeous children. We still laugh together in our loud and quirky ways (which makes me wonder as I type if even my laughing style was influenced by her!) she still speaks life into my life and she still inspires me. When I stop and think about her I realise how blessed I am to have a friendship that withstands the passage of time and distance like this one has. I miss her and I wish she lived up the road. But when I see her, its like we marinate in the long talks and the silly laughs. We soak it up, and that time together adds something great that lasts us until the next time. Grateful, incredibly grateful.

Here’s a treasured, albeit blurry moment of our boys becoming friends on our last visit together.



2 thoughts on “Far away friend

    • Indeed! After she moved, I became the youth pastor for a number of years, until it became unsustainable with a young family. I’m doing youth work again now, but not on weekends anymore 🙂

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