Lego Frenzy

We love Lego. Who doesn’t?! I’ve yet to meet anyone who admits they are Lego haters.
A lazy Saturday at home, avoiding my pile of study, I did some cruising on Pinterest and found this. The boys had a wow of a time creating their own minifigs. We had to keep printing more sheets to keep up with them!

Another great find was this Lego reward chart.

We made some Lego art for the lads bedrooms. They each chose some minifigs and attached to a plate in an old, broken photo frame. They can change them around as often as they like.

Finally, we have these ready to go for a rainy day activity.
Thank you to those creative souls who so generously share their ideas with us!



One thought on “Lego Frenzy

  1. Loved Lego for my son and daughter and though they are grown up (22,17), I have not gotten rid of it like most of the other toys. It is durable enough to wait for a grandchild who might be here someday in the future (???!!!)

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