I actually do LOL for real (and often)

I’ve been in love with my husband for 12 years. I am delighted that he still gets a bit surprised by me every now and then.
I got an email from him yesterday after I dropped our kids off to school. Matt teaches in the secondary block at our school, which explains the email below:



The sound of silence

As I sit here on a Monday morning, gearing myself up for another day of study, I am reminded of how quiet my life is all of a sudden. And I am not happy about it.

I remember with gushy fondness the noise that once filled this house for what seemed like every moment of everyday. The big noise of little boys feet running around the house, the squabbles, the squeals of joy, the tears of tiredness. This was the hustle and bustle that was my life with two small lads. These lads are now at school. Every freaking day. And I miss them more than I could even try to describe. I miss the silly fun we used to have. I miss the snuggles before I put them down for a nap. I miss the happy sounds of them waking up. I miss the cute ways they used to say things. I miss the morning teas, the afternoon teas. I miss the mess. I miss them.

But I must remind myself, I still have them. While I cannot possibly remember every moment of their infant years, I feel the moments, even the ones that I cannot recall. I feel the closeness, I feel the dependency they once had. It is different now. Different will be my constant companion, because this is what raising kids is all about; being with them as they change and as they grow. They may not be here making noise, but no doubt they are filling the air with their delicious noise at school.

The little one we said goodbye to in October only 4 weeks after that line appeared is in my heart, and the baby that we hope to have is on my mind. If we are blessed to bring an extra one to our family one day, I am certain there will be moments that I will wish for silence like this again. But I am sure that I will also remind myself that those kinds of noises are the most beautiful sounds in the world, and that one day I will miss them.

Miracle ladybug

This afternoon as I was hanging out the washing, Asher informed me that he had a new pet in his school pants pocket…the very ones that went through the washing machine!! We went to the clothesline and opened his wet pocket to remove the unfortunate creature, only to find the ladybug was still alive! A slightly damaged wing but alive! We found a nice leaf and hope he has a feast and feels much better after his thrill ride in a front loader. Lucky for the ladybug I only selected a 15 minute quick wash! I think it’s name is Lazarus the Ladybug.

Asher has learnt a lesson today about appropriate care of itty bitty’s.

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Raising Explorers

The lads were in their element with loads of exploration this week. We visited a local fort and our city museum finally reopened after a massive renovation. The kids were armed with explorers tool kits/backpacks for their journey around the museum. Complete with binoculars, magnifying glass, casts of Tassie Devil skulls, gems, fossils and a sketch pad to record their findings, they were quite the adventurers!








Gentleman at the Library

I am sitting at the local library doing some readings for a uni assignment. But I keep thinking about the gentleman who waited for me to catch up at the doors of the library so he could open the door and usher me in this morning.

It made my heart smile, and got me thinking about how sad it is that such acts of kindness are perceived by many to be old school, unnecessary and anti-equality. Personally, I want my lads when they are elderly, to be the gentlemen waiting at the door of the library for the young woman behind him, holding the door and ushering her in. I want them to be the ones who offer the pregnant lady a seat on the bus. I want them to be the ones who use terms like, “After you” on a regular basis and help little old ladies with their groceries. Call me old fashioned, but such acts add something beautiful to our lives. If only the man who held the door open today knew what an impact his simple gesture has made on me today. Something makes me believe he’d do it regardless, because he is a gentleman.

Long live chivalry!

To top it off, as I walked OUT of the library, and elderly lady stopped me and said, “Don’t you look nice with your top and handbag?” This got us talking about my handmade recycled bag made by my friend, and made my heart sing at the impact words and kind gestures with strangers can have. This reminded me again as to why I talk to people wherever I go. Yes, it feels strange at times, but it can really set the tone, or even better, change the tone of their day.


Frametastic Week

I’m lazing in bed this Sunday morning, listening to the giggles of my lads and the sounds of the coffee machine as Matt makes me a soy latte. It’s been a huge week! I’m struggling to work out the juggle with full time study, work, parenting, school involvement and everyday life necessities like cooking and cleaning. But I’m grateful I’ve got the opportunity to experiment with such a juggle, and I’m going to try and master this! It’s a short term juggle, just 8 intense months. I think I can… I think I can… I think I can…
I have attached a collage of the week gone.

We now have a new sponsor child, by the delightful name of Cloudi. Our Compassion sponsor child graduated to a new university program (which is a huge achievement and a cause of great celebration of the impact that sponsorship has on young lives and communities), so we have taken on a second child from Operation Uganda, as we know people on the ground and hear first hand of the wonderful things happening in these children’s lives. Check them out here.

The international cooking fun continues. More pics later on that tomorrow after our next experiment.

Asher had a free dress day at school and his class performed in the assembly. I was delighted to see him drumming, and totally loved how he wore his cap for the occasion!

And study. Lots of study, served with coffee.

Happy Sunday to you all x


Far away friend

This morning while the boys are having some quiet time before school, I have thought of a dear friend, who now lives far too far away from me. When I was impressionable, young and potentially foolish, she took me under her wing. She was older than I, wiser than I and busier than I. Yet she made time and she made me laugh. She took me out to cafes that were far too sophisticated for a rough around the edges teenager that I was. While we sat there for hours at a time, she talked to me about life, and she listened to me while I shared my tumultuous teen/young adult “woes” with her. She believed in me, she spoke truth with grace and she challenged me when I needed it. She was then my Youth Pastor, but she became one of the greatest friends I have ever known in a very short time. The age gap has now closed (she would slap me for referring to an age gap!), our life stages are the same – so now instead of talking for hours we TRY and talk for hours as we are constantly and beautifully interrupted by our gorgeous children. We still laugh together in our loud and quirky ways (which makes me wonder as I type if even my laughing style was influenced by her!) she still speaks life into my life and she still inspires me. When I stop and think about her I realise how blessed I am to have a friendship that withstands the passage of time and distance like this one has. I miss her and I wish she lived up the road. But when I see her, its like we marinate in the long talks and the silly laughs. We soak it up, and that time together adds something great that lasts us until the next time. Grateful, incredibly grateful.

Here’s a treasured, albeit blurry moment of our boys becoming friends on our last visit together.


Lego Frenzy

We love Lego. Who doesn’t?! I’ve yet to meet anyone who admits they are Lego haters.
A lazy Saturday at home, avoiding my pile of study, I did some cruising on Pinterest and found this. The boys had a wow of a time creating their own minifigs. We had to keep printing more sheets to keep up with them!

Another great find was this Lego reward chart.

We made some Lego art for the lads bedrooms. They each chose some minifigs and attached to a plate in an old, broken photo frame. They can change them around as often as they like.

Finally, we have these ready to go for a rainy day activity.
Thank you to those creative souls who so generously share their ideas with us!