School Blues

Tomorrow is the last day. After that, things are different. I’m not happy about this change. I adore my children being home with me. School messes with my system. Not only that, this is the first year both lads will be in full time school. There, I said it.

So today I asked the lads to give me suggestions as to what I can do after I drop them off at school on Monday:
Asher told me I could jump on the trampoline, go to work and high five myself. He then demonstrated how I would high five myself. The kid obviously has no faith in my ability to high five myself, much to our amusement. Isaac tapped into the fact that I’m emotional and feeling sad about the upcoming event. He put on his counselling hat and suggested I “swing in the hammock and think about good things…like eating pizza.”

You know what? I think I will take their advice, except for the going to work bit.
High fives coming my way.


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