Scrabble Tile Files #2

As arranged by Isaac, our virtue for this week is HELPFULNESS.


The point of this virtues “game” for our family is not about simply teaching the lads how to become more considerate or helpful. It’s about Matt and I recognising that we model these traits and we can always find room for growth in our own lives. Be the change and all that! (See my first post explaining our Scrabble Tile challenge here)

We want to grow and change, and a beautiful consequence may well be that our lads become more aware of such virtues in their own lives.

So my focus this week is to find opportunities to be helpful in the home and the community. Opportunities will be endless: tidy a shelf that is messy when we visit the library, help someone with their groceries, pick up litter I see at the park or clean up my cafe table before I leave. Through my own mindfulness, my children will become more aware of the countless opportunities to be helpful in everyday life.

I also want to verbalise as I see acts of helpfulness in our family. I want to encourage and cheer the family on as we pursue ways in which we can make life a bit easier for others, whether we know them or not.

Have a very helpful week 🙂


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