Ukulele Lady

I can only blame Jack Johnson for my desire to play the ukulele.
We have two at home, orange and yellow, that we gave the lads a few Christmases ago. Until I prove to myself that I have the self discipline to practice, I’m using these. They need tuning frequently, but they will do the trick for now. The deal is, if I stick at it, I get to choose one of my own for my birthday.


I’m watching YouTube clips and have ordered a book from the library. It’s such a fun instrument!


In other musical news, Isaac is learning guitar! I’ve taught him a few chords and he’s spot on with those. We will add a few more next week. He will start lessons hen school goes back.


Asher is determined to play the banjo. Hmmmm. Mumford and Sons are his inspiration! In the meantime, he’s having a great old time blowing the cobwebs out of Matt’s saxophone.


Rock on!


2 thoughts on “Ukulele Lady

  1. Good luck with the uke – I’ve been teaching myself for around a year & it’s a fun instrument to learn. Warning – they are highly addictive & most players seem to start collecting them! Feel free to check out our club website (details in my signature block) for plenty of free on-line lessons, tips, songbooks & other resources.
    Happy strumming!

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