Marble games


Today we played some marble games from a book we bought from the op shop for 50c a few months ago. It is full of easy to set up and play games.


The lads enjoyed playing “Castles“.

Take 4 marbles. Place three like this:

Add a fourth marble to create your castle.


Everybody should build their castle an equal distance from the others. Players then take turns shooting a marble at an opponents castle.

Anyone who knocks a castle down wins the four marbles and keeps their own shooter. If you miss, the owner of the castle you attack gets to keep your shooter.

The other quick and simple game we played was “Shooting the Ring“.

Set the marbles up in a ring.
Everyone takes turns shooting from the agreed shooting line in an attempt to knock a marble off the ring. Any marbles a player knocks off the ring, they keep. If you miss, you add your shooter to the ring. The winner is the player who has most marbles once the ring is demolished!
Easy. Maybe you could give these a whirl with your kids!


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