A-Z of Gratitude Finale! X,Y & Z

X is for X marks the spot.  We have had our fair share of all things pirate in this house.  We can speak pirate with the best of them, and create the most elaborate pirate treasure maps, using tea bags to stain and burn the edges of the paper (I loved doing that when I was a child).  As I sit here this morning in the quiet while the lads are at school, I can’t help but think, this is my X. This family, this home that is filled with laughter, activity, mess, meltdowns – this is my treasure.  I don’t need to pursue some out there dream because I am dissatisfied. I am more than satisfied with my lot in life.  Yes, I have dreams and I always will. That is healthy. But I do not for one moment wish I had an X at another spot on another map.  I have found my spot. Right here, with my gorgeous family.


Y is for yesterday.  Yesterday was a great day for our family.  Relaxing, adventurous and peaceful.  It’s nice to reflect on our yesterdays, so we can digest and learn,appreciate and grow. Most of the time, we get caught up in the sheer speed of day-to-day life and we can’t even keep up with today, let alone reflect on yesterday!  But when we do, it is interesting to note what we did well, what made us happy, what we could have done better – in our parenting, our marriage, our work, our friendships, our projects.


Z is for Zany friends.  Comical, whimsical, out of the box friends are,  what treasures they are!  I am meeting one for lunch just after I log off here.  I love her bright red hair. Her amazing fashion sense. Her laugh. Her depth of understanding and empathy and her lack of want to please the entire universe.  Such friends refresh us and their perspective can realign us. Go and hug your zany friends, and if you don’t have any, be one or find one.

Zee end of zee A-Z of Gratitude!


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