Sunday’s are my favourite

ImageImageWe took the boys out for babycinnos and mega marshmallows at our favourite cafe, Ginger Brown this morning, before we drove to the top of Mount Wellington.  Some would say it was insanely freezing, that the wind was enough to blow a small child away, but we decided it was invigorating.  Nothing like icy air and gale winds to wake you up on a Sunday! Let’s not dwell on the inadequate parent moment, when you realise on the journey to the mountain that number two son is wearing crocs and you forgot the gloves for the whole family!  But hey, we breed them tough here in Tasmania, so it was all good, for about 20 minutes of icy fun.

The view from the top of the mountain never gets old, it just serves as a reminder that we are so blessed to live in such a beautiful city.  We can drive for 45 minutes and be on the summit of Mount Wellington, overlooking the most amazing city, playing in the snow. We can walk 5 minutes from our house and be paddling in a kayak in the bay at the bottom of our street. We can drive five minutes and be at one of the most popular beaches.  And coffee, seriously, I doubt there is a better place in the world to find amazing coffee at every turn. Yeah, Hobart is referred to by many a city slicker as “Slowbart” for good reason.  We lack the glitz and glamour of a mega city, but we have the beauty, the pace and the lifestyle that many could only dream of.  I know what we have, and I am so thankful. 


ImageWhen we could no longer feel our hands or our faces, we thought it was time to head back to the car before one of our children really did blow off the mountain. This is the stuff childhood is made of. Simple adventures, then an afternoon at home, being lazy together, reading, drawing, writing, eating. 

Gotta love Sunday’s.







2 thoughts on “Sunday’s are my favourite

  1. Such amazing photos – I love that your little one in crocs didn’t deter you from heading up to the mountain. It is Sunday and I am visiting my family in Texas. Looking forward to that “being lazy together time, too.”

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