Photo story

Amidst weeks of unwell kids (flu season) we have still managed to play, laugh and create. Seasons. Go with it, I say.

Isaac won a book competition for the MS Readathon.

Asher painted my nails.

Olympic Fever hit. Lego diving platforms and Equestrian courses were constructed, as well as teddy bear pole vault. Bolt and Blake impersonations being perfected by the lads, and regularly medal tallying, just to ensure the Aussie’s made it to the top ten!

Play doh poo. Scientific research, of course. (according to Asher).

Dogs Home visit. We are thinking about adopting a dog. This is Portia, she’s adorable.

Coffee. A good book. Solitude. The rare day that both boys were well enough to go to school, I indulged.








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