Photo story of my week

What a big week we have had!

Matt and I attended a marriage enrichment weekend last week. Beautiful!!! It was held at a gorgeous vineyard, filled with wonderful conversation and food- but most of all, uninterrupted time to laugh and be with my husband.

We have painted Asher’s feature wall using paint from the Tip Shop. Bargain.

I bought Matt a new lawn mower. His first new one ever! He won’t miss repairing the old one every time he had to use it.

It was Book Week at school for the lads. Isaac was Cole from Ninjago and Asher, the bear from “We’re going on a bear hunt.” Easy this year.

The sun broke through so Ash and I took to the beach!

We had birthday curry with our dear friend, Betsy. She is a true and delightful friend who is easy to celebrate.

The blossoms are budding on our fruit trees. Spring is on its way. Yay.

We said farewell to friends who have moved north. Ash and I went to do a few clean up jobs in their empty home. That was a bit sad. Reminding me of those dear friends who have, over the years said farewell and moved far away. One of these friends is on her way home next week though, so that’s exciting.

A great week. Now I’m ready for the next!! Hoping yours was blessed.












A-Z of Gratitude Finale! X,Y & Z

X is for X marks the spot.  We have had our fair share of all things pirate in this house.  We can speak pirate with the best of them, and create the most elaborate pirate treasure maps, using tea bags to stain and burn the edges of the paper (I loved doing that when I was a child).  As I sit here this morning in the quiet while the lads are at school, I can’t help but think, this is my X. This family, this home that is filled with laughter, activity, mess, meltdowns – this is my treasure.  I don’t need to pursue some out there dream because I am dissatisfied. I am more than satisfied with my lot in life.  Yes, I have dreams and I always will. That is healthy. But I do not for one moment wish I had an X at another spot on another map.  I have found my spot. Right here, with my gorgeous family.


Y is for yesterday.  Yesterday was a great day for our family.  Relaxing, adventurous and peaceful.  It’s nice to reflect on our yesterdays, so we can digest and learn,appreciate and grow. Most of the time, we get caught up in the sheer speed of day-to-day life and we can’t even keep up with today, let alone reflect on yesterday!  But when we do, it is interesting to note what we did well, what made us happy, what we could have done better – in our parenting, our marriage, our work, our friendships, our projects.


Z is for Zany friends.  Comical, whimsical, out of the box friends are,  what treasures they are!  I am meeting one for lunch just after I log off here.  I love her bright red hair. Her amazing fashion sense. Her laugh. Her depth of understanding and empathy and her lack of want to please the entire universe.  Such friends refresh us and their perspective can realign us. Go and hug your zany friends, and if you don’t have any, be one or find one.

Zee end of zee A-Z of Gratitude!

Sunday’s are my favourite

ImageImageWe took the boys out for babycinnos and mega marshmallows at our favourite cafe, Ginger Brown this morning, before we drove to the top of Mount Wellington.  Some would say it was insanely freezing, that the wind was enough to blow a small child away, but we decided it was invigorating.  Nothing like icy air and gale winds to wake you up on a Sunday! Let’s not dwell on the inadequate parent moment, when you realise on the journey to the mountain that number two son is wearing crocs and you forgot the gloves for the whole family!  But hey, we breed them tough here in Tasmania, so it was all good, for about 20 minutes of icy fun.

The view from the top of the mountain never gets old, it just serves as a reminder that we are so blessed to live in such a beautiful city.  We can drive for 45 minutes and be on the summit of Mount Wellington, overlooking the most amazing city, playing in the snow. We can walk 5 minutes from our house and be paddling in a kayak in the bay at the bottom of our street. We can drive five minutes and be at one of the most popular beaches.  And coffee, seriously, I doubt there is a better place in the world to find amazing coffee at every turn. Yeah, Hobart is referred to by many a city slicker as “Slowbart” for good reason.  We lack the glitz and glamour of a mega city, but we have the beauty, the pace and the lifestyle that many could only dream of.  I know what we have, and I am so thankful. 


ImageWhen we could no longer feel our hands or our faces, we thought it was time to head back to the car before one of our children really did blow off the mountain. This is the stuff childhood is made of. Simple adventures, then an afternoon at home, being lazy together, reading, drawing, writing, eating. 

Gotta love Sunday’s.






Photo story

Amidst weeks of unwell kids (flu season) we have still managed to play, laugh and create. Seasons. Go with it, I say.

Isaac won a book competition for the MS Readathon.

Asher painted my nails.

Olympic Fever hit. Lego diving platforms and Equestrian courses were constructed, as well as teddy bear pole vault. Bolt and Blake impersonations being perfected by the lads, and regularly medal tallying, just to ensure the Aussie’s made it to the top ten!

Play doh poo. Scientific research, of course. (according to Asher).

Dogs Home visit. We are thinking about adopting a dog. This is Portia, she’s adorable.

Coffee. A good book. Solitude. The rare day that both boys were well enough to go to school, I indulged.







A-z of Gratitude: W is for Words

Words. They shape, Tear down, build up and can change the atmosphere in a room. Words can make us laugh or cause tears to well up in our eyes.
When we have our head stuck in a great book, we can become so engrossed in the written words that we are oblivious to the spoken words around us.

I love words. Books. Letters. Facebook updates that make me giggle. Friends sending crazy text messages just to make me smile. Words from a friend that come at the right moment to encourage, inspire or challenge. Small clusters of words from little mouths that hold more power in my life than the most grandiose monologue from the most acclaimed minds on the planet…”I love you, Mummy.” “I need a cuddle.” “Please, will you play with me?”

Words are free, but they are worth their weight in gold. I want mine to count. I want my words to water lives, not suck them dry. I want my words to leave a fragrance, not a stench. I want my words to propel others, not depress them. I want my children to one day shower their own children with words of love and affirmation, because that’s what their normal experience of child/parent relationship has been. I want to correct them with love and calm, rather than screeching and exasperation. Words are so powerful it blows my mind. We basically have super powers. Our words can be used for good or evil. Spiderman has webs, Superman can fly, our secret weapon… Our words. They stick, so we must be careful with our words. It can take years for the sting of words to heal. On the flip side, kind words are free yet they deposit something of great worth into a life.

My husband would say I love words a tad too much, or maybe that’s just the sound of my own words. So I shall end with words of those wiser than I…

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are endless.”
Mother Theresa

“By swallowing evil words unsaid, no one has ever harmed his stomach.”
Sir Winston Churchill

“Kind words are like honey- sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.” 
King Solomon, Proverbs 16:24