Body of mine…thank you.

I just read the most wonderful letter.
It inspired me to speak life and kindness to my own body.

Freckles, if you have them you would know, bring a love/hate factor to life. I hated them until I was about 20. I used to try and cover them, avoid too much sun for fear of more. Now I love them. I love that they tell a part of my story. My Celtic heritage, my sun-kissed, outdoorsy childhood. I love that they hide wrinkles nicely! Freckles, you are cute!

Curly hair, I love you. My hair is thin, so you add volume and for that I am thankful. I hated you as a child and wished for straight locks. Now I am thankful for the fun and ease of curls.

My bunion. Ah, dear old thing. I have often thought of starting a new business to celebrate you rather than hide you. Bunion Bling! You hurt me sometimes, but I am grateful that I can still walk with ease.

My breasts, wherever you are! I used to long for you girls to grow. You did, temporarily to allow me to feed my lads. What a blessing. Even though you have now shrunk, I see the perks. ( No pun intended!) I don’t need to wear a bra 24/7. That’s a good thing!

My tummy, once flat and firm, you are now a tad soft and not quite so flat. You are like a trophy that reminds me of the greatest achievement of my body – pregnancy and childbirth.

My eyes and ears, how can I begin to thank you for the beauty that you enable me to see and hear every day of my life. The sound of my children giggling, the opening of the door when my husband arrives home. The looks on the lads faces when they see me waiting for them after school. The sunsets, the colors of the seasons. Gratitude forever.

And my taste buds, to you I have so much to be grateful for!! Wine, Thai food, chocolate, coffee. I do need to learn to make you less eager for attention!

My hands, to you I say thank you for enabling me to practically care for my loved ones. To cook and clean. To create fun things for the lads to play with. Using you, I can express so much creativity. But your most valuable role, hands down, is touching. Feeling those I love. Offering a caring touch to a stranger in need. A playful touch on the arm in jest with a friend. Hands, you are amazing.

Too often I focus on what I want to change about my body. But today I am reminded that the body I live in is a huge blessing.


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