A-Z of Gratitude: S is for School Teachers

When I was a kid, I thought some teachers were out to make life harder than it needed to be. You know the ones, the teachers who are insanely grouchy and have forgotten what it’s like to be a kid. The ones who are overdue for retirement.

I’ll never forget the names of my woodwork teachers: Mr DOWLing, Mr BURR and Mr HaDRILL. Seriously does it get any better than that?! Woodwork teachers with woody names.
One of them really didn’t like me. He used to get so agro with me that I had to ask him to stop spitting in my face while he yelled at me. Not cool, Mr D.
Another time, a substitute teacher threw a chair at me. Bad move on his part, but in hindsight, can’t say I blame him. Lucky for me he didn’t have a Hulk moment and tear the blackboard off the wall and throw that at me.
They weren’t all bad though. I was blessed enough to have some top notch teachers who really impacted my life. These were the ones who encouraged us, laughed with us and made us feel like we mattered.

When I was old enough to appreciate their worth, I decided I’d like to marry a PE teacher with sideburns. Sports teachers are always the best looking and the most likable. I thought it’d be great to spend my life with someone who’s good to look at, fit enough to outlive me and on holidays 13 weeks a year.
Guess who I married? A Physical Education teacher with sideburns. I was hated by his year 10 female students when our engagement was announced.

My hubby is a teacher that will be remembered by many. He’s dedicated, fun and he really cares for his students. He works his butt off, so when people whine about the amount of holidays teachers get, I want to bitch slap them. Some teachers probably don’t deserve their holidays, but good teachers earn every last second.

Yay for me. I got the hot PE teacher.





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