A-Z of Gratitude: Q is for Quetzalcoatlus

If you have sons, chances are you have a pretty crap knowledge of dinosaurs compared to said son/s. But have you ever had a 4 year old correct you on the pronunciation of above mentioned dino? I have. Shame on me.

Why did I choose this extinct creature for my gratitude list when I could’ve gone with quiet, quaint, quotes or questions? Because I’m truly grateful for the Quetzalcoatlus. Grateful they are extinct, because the pet dilemma we currently have in our house would be of epic proportions if these things were available at the local pet store. Isaac would want at least one. Forget puppies or guinea pigs. Dinosaurs would be jumping on our trampoline, scratching at our door and pooping on our roof. Who’d take it for a walk/fly? Who’d feed it? You got it. It would fall back on me, and I’m not interested in playing fetch with a flying, claw wielding menace. Especially one with a wingspan of 15 metres. Forget it.



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