Asher’s Play

Asher is ultra playful. If there’s fun to be had, you’ll find Ash there in a flash. He’s not obsessed by any one toy, nor is he fussy when it comes to playfulness. He just loves fun, which makes days with him fun for me too! Togetherness is his big thing, so if he’s got a playmate, he’ll generally be happy, whether cooking, drawing, building, puzzling or pretending.

Some of Asher’s playful faves:

Bilibos (you’ve got to google these- they are sensational!)

The great thing about these is they can be whatever you want them to be! We spin in them, slide down the snow in them, take them to the pool, wear them as a hat, jump over them, balance on/in them- you get the idea!

Imaginets are a neat set of magnetic wooden pieces and design cards folding up as a briefcase. Opening up with magnetic whiteboard surfaces means the lads can create anything with the shapes, then add their own drawings too.


Story cubes are a wonderful way to foster story telling. Roll the dice and use the images to build a story. You can imagine the fun we’ve had with these! “And then… And then…and then…!”


Asher is totally into board games these days (in fact, we all are). Monopoly, Connect 4, All the Kings Men and Stratego to name a few. Board games have become a part of our lives in a huge way. Asher trounced us all on the weekend playing Junior Monopoly. See the money pile?!



He’s at home with pouring coffees too, and for him it’s play all the way!


A budding photographer, specializing in self-portraits.


An artist with a cool canvas.


He doesn’t hesitate to try new things, like a twist on an old fave. Egg carton Jenga was lots of fun!


Play time is the best. I’m in no hurry to forget how it’s done.


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