Microwave rave

We have lived for around three years microwave-less. In that time I couldn’t count the times we have heard something like this: “You don’t have a microwave?! I couldn’t live without mine!” “Why don’t you have a microwave?! You won’t last, you’ll get another.”
Three years on, we are still using the cubby hole that once housed an appliance for our wines and our fruit bowl.
Friends with babies come over and walk to the kitchen to zap the kids milk, look around and the penny drops. They realize we do not have what the are looking for. It oesnt get old to me, seeing the disbelief on their faces. You’d think we were living without toilet paper the way they react. I get a kick out of suggesting they could use the old fashioned way of boiling water to warm their baby’s bottle or food.

When I reflect back on our decision to go microwave-less, I can see that it was the beginning of our lifestyle revolution. Our microwave was making noises that would scare a bomb squad captain, so we went our separate ways. Most people would replace it without a thought. We asked ourselves if we really needed it. What does it do that makes our lives easier? The only thing I could come up with to buy a new one was that microwave popcorn rocks! Not enough to justify buying an appliance that I have my suspicions about.

For three years now, I’ve defrosted meat the old fashioned way. Slowly.
I’ve cooked food on the stove top or the wok and scrubbed things clean after.
We tend to cook correct portions as we don’t really do leftovers, with no quick reheat button and all.
I have to be more organized with meal planning, as I can’t just defrost at the push of a button, and that’s a good thing in my opinion!

Do I miss the microwave? In all honesty, the only times I’ve missed it have been when I’ve almost smoked us out of the house after burning popcorn in a pot. The topic was raised last night, and for a few moments I let myself think about the benefits. I confess, I was tempted. But today I’m realizing one of the things I love about not having one is that our kids have the aroma of food being cooked the old school way. They have to wait longer than a few moments to be fed. I love that phrases like “nuke it” or “zap it” are not a part of my family’s food vocabulary.

So for now, we will continue as we are, and as people have throughout the ages- microwave oven deficient. Slower than some perhaps, but we don’t want to live at breakneck speed anyway.


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