A-Z of Gratitude: O is for Opportunities

Opportunity knocks…everyday, many times. In fact, opportunity is a persistent knocker on the door of our lives, waiting for us to open up and say “Welcome!”

Some opportunities may present themselves as a once in a lifetime- a loud, earth shattering experience that demands our attention at once! Others are much more subtle and these can be overlooked while we look out for the next life changing opportunity. These are, however, few and far between. These can distract us from the opportunities that are more frequent and more likely to change a life- the everyday moments.

Opportunities don’t always come to our attention at opportune times. Ironic much?

Helping someone when you’re in a hurry.
Assisting a co-worker while your own deadline is fast approaching.
Taking a phone call when your favorite tv show is about to start. (I’m so guilty of passing this opportunity by!)

More often than not, the everyday opportunities to offer a helping hand to someone else come at very little cost to us.

I had an opportunity to leave work a few moments early today. I also had an opportunity to stay and help with the clean up. I decided it would be much more rewarding to do the latter. It cost me just ten minutes of my life.

What would it cost us to return a shopping trolley for an elderly citizen?
What would it cost to thank our co-workers for their contribution?
What would it cost to make a meal for a new mum?

It costs humanity so much when we chose to ignore the smallest of opportunities to be kind, to be generous, to be encouraging. I know it sounds idealistic and fluffy, but it’s true and it works.

Change the world, take one opportunity at a time.


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