A-Z of Gratitude: N is for Nickle Nackle

Asher and I had a quick visit to the library today to grab some new books. We go at least once a week and usually bring around 30 books home each time. Reading is a passion (addiction!) in this house.

With Asher being so unwell, so a few bright books were in order. The poor darling has a perforated ear drum so he is Mr Lethargic. I’ll make the most of the snuggles I’m getting with him, and enjoy more gorgeous books than usual.

I’m thankful for wonderful children’s authors and illustrators. The book “The Nickle Nackle Tree” by Lynley Dodd came to our attention a few weeks ago when Asher’s kinder class read it and created their own classroom Nickle Nackle Tree.
I was thrilled to find it at the library today. I’ve ordered our own copy from Book Depository. This one is a keeper- there’s loads of creative inspiration for story writing and art for the lads

I would love to hear about some of your most loved children’s books and authors.

Here’s the book, and a glimpse of the unwell lad having a snuggle.



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