A-Z of Gratitude: M is for Moments

24 hours in a day. So much to do, I hear you say?

Washing. Cooking. Cleaning. School runs. Parent help. Work. Sex. Reading stories to the kids. Budgeting. Let alone finding the time to deal with the forests that are growing on your legs, or the pelvic floor exercises that you know you need to do. Books that you want to read pile up? Cups of tea go cold? There’s a lot to fit into these 24 hours we are dealt each day. What we tend to lose sight of is the fact that we are actually given enough time each day. We just complicate things with mixed up priorities, unrealistic expectations and poor time management. (I’m sure you never sit in front of the television wasting an hour or two watching something that doesn’t interest you in the slightest?!)

Break the 24 hours into moments. That’s easier to manage. 1440 moments in a day sounds like loads of time!! Approximately 10 of those are spent on the toilet if you’re a woman, 100 if you’re a man. 15 packing everyone’s lunches. Maybe 400 -450 sleeping. I spend around 90-120 driving most days to and from school. Add to that chores, paying bills, preparing meals and the total creeps up.

So many of our moments are consumed by the everyday things, the seemingly “mundane” tasks. But it’s these mundane moments that make up our lives. If we choose to define our moments as monotonous or mundane, that’s how we will define our lives. I’m convinced that there’s nothing mundane about raising a family and meeting their various needs. It’s actually quite amazing and an underrated achievement. Take a moment now to pat yourself on the back or give yourself a high five for being so awesome. (Maybe make sure no one is watching before you do…)

I had a slow day today as I had to lads home from school with fever and chest infection. This meant my day was not rushed and there was plenty of time to immerse myself in some of our everyday moments.

I took some pictures of the moments I enjoy – things that are usual around here, yet wonderful.






I enjoyed a cup of rooibos on the deck with a book. I enjoyed watching a plane fly over. I looked at our gorgeous proteas. I smiled as I looked at the outdoor play things our lads enjoy. I read to the boys from the stash of op shop books we purchased today. Moments.

This evening while my dedicated husband prepared school reports, I got to hold Asher while he slept, due to him being unwell. I just stared at him for 15 minutes, knowing that these opportunities don’t come my way very often these days.

Cherishing the moments.




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