A-Z of Gratitude: L is for Long Baths

Rituals are powerful. For me they are grounding and restorative. My rituals are generally simplistic, otherwise they would be too few and far between.
I go through stages where different rituals centre me and provide the peace that I need. As its winter, my current ritual of choice is long, deep, hot baths, often with a glass of wine or port and a book.


I’m enjoying some intentional solitude. I’m feeding my senses. The water is warm and soothing. The wine is delicious. The candle’s aroma fills the room.

Rituals go way beyond rites of passage, ceremony, religion and housework! Rituals have the power to bring order amidst chaos. Ask any frazzled mother with a screaming child and a thousand things on her to-do list. The ritual of a pot of tea can somehow bring a moment of clarity and strength to what was, only moments earlier, an overwhelming scenario. The scenario may not have changed during the tea ritual, but the mindset may well have!

I have a few weekly rituals:
List writing is a beloved ritual of mine. It feels good to unscramble the thoughts on paper.
Coffee- who doesn’t?!
Hot water bottle of an evening with a cup of tea before bed.

A ritual I really want to get happening again is journalling.
I’ll get back to my bath, port and book. Happy rituals to all!


2 thoughts on “A-Z of Gratitude: L is for Long Baths

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