Back to basics

Having an attitude of gratitude is easy-peasy when things are going as we want them to. But I know that gratitude is an attitude, so today I am thankful for the lessons and reminders that come our way when circumstances are not ideal.
You may have looked at our changing rooms photos from a week ago. During the afternoon I managed to twinge my back. It’s been a niggley that’s developed into somewhat of an ouchy. I’m now under the doctors instruction to rest so that it can repair. There’s a problem with a disc, but she’s very confident that I’ll be sorted in a few weeks.
So in the meantime, I’m sitting here with my granny hot water bottle reading and watching the final of The Voice.
My husband has back pain everyday and rarely complains. This is quite a feat, as all the back pain sufferers out there would know. I am amazed at his ability to give attention to the things that are good, and not feed the pain with attention. Too often we grumble too quickly (not my hubby!!) We whine and complain about things that don’t really matter, like long queues in the shops, or coffee that’s not warm enough. Just the other day a few cars away from us a woman honking her horn impatiently when there was simply nowhere the driver in front could have gone. I was confronted with how cranky human beings can be about things that have no lasting consequence. I don’t want to be that person.
So tonight I am thankful and I’m reminded that horn honking when someone or circumstances slow us down doesn’t get us anywhere. It just tends to frustrate those around us. We all have our “stuff”. That’s just life. But I’m hoping to get through this hurdle without honking my horn too much.


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