A-Z of Gratitude: I is for Isaac

The moment I saw Isaac for the first time, I just kept saying, “It’s a baby! It’s a baby!” Goodness knows what the midwife thought. I am not sure why I was so surprised that I gave birth to an actual human being. Maybe it was because the idea of a baby was wonderful, but the reality of a baby was simply overwhelming! I was in awe that this tiny person was OURS. When we left the hospital to take our firstborn home, I was waiting for someone to stop me. I couldn’t believe they would let us take him. We had no idea what we were doing, we had no experience and they let us walk away with a baby. To keep. Forever.
It is almost 7 years on from that moment that changed us forever. That tiny baby kept us awake for a year, and we survived. He showed us his determination from day one. He showed us his resilience when he had to wear an eye patch from age 3 for hours a day. He still needs to do this, but for much less time.
He is compassionate, funny and intelligent. He is a bookworm, a Lego maniac and a wonderful artist. He thinks deeply and feels deeply. He also has a degree of unpredictability that has us in hysterics.
He annoys his brother at times, as his brother annoys him. Sometimes it drives me crazy when they upset one another, but then I see something, as I did this evening: both of them on the couch, snuggled into each other. I just stared. It was a moment i didn’t want to miss- they are brothers, they are sons, they are a miraculous gift.
Here are some Isaac moments in pictures. We are grateful for our sons.





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