A-Z of Gratitude: G is for Graffiti

How often have you tried to divert the eyes of your children from graffiti that would make your grandmother’s hair stand on end? Before kids can read we don’t care if they see the “F bomb” plastered on toilet walls or street signs. To them its just another word. Then the hours of sounding letters out pays off, and they can read. But there are some sounds we don’t want them to try putting together.

Graffiti is everywhere, and sometimes it’s worth looking at. The general public toilet graffiti usually bores me. Not that I’m ever hanging around long enough to do a review. I can’t get out of public toilets fast enough (that’s a whole different blog right there)! In saying that, a few weeks back I couldn’t help but notice the beginnings of an advice column happening in a cubicle. I was even tempted to scratch my own pearls of wisdom on the door, but I resisted the urge. My graffiti days are over (and I’ve got a few doozy graffiti stories!)

Today, we saw the best graffiti ever. We encouraged our kids to read it, and no pretend diversions were needed. We even took a photo. Being bookworms, we’d just visited the library. As we left, this is what we saw:


Bookworms unite!


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