Lazy days at home

We are well and truly in school holiday mode. I remember when I was growing up most days were spent in and around home during school breaks. In our society, days at home can be as rare as hen’s teeth for some families. We aim to have a sustainable pace for the sanity of our family. After a few really late (but fun!) nights for our family, we knew that a home day was in order. No car trips. No agenda.

Here’s a collage of our lazy home day.


Lego mini fig head count got to approximately 120!


Matt and I played cards whilst it rained outside.


Home baked gluten free bread.


Washing inside, raining outside!

20120605-195508.jpgAsher’s drawing.

20120605-195518.jpgIsaac’s superhero page.

20120605-195534.jpgDinner was enjoyed by all. Slow cooked lamb casserole, perfect for a cold, wintery evening.


Isaac has to wear an eye patch once a week to strengthen his weaker eye.

20120605-195554.jpgHome baked berry muffins for morning tea.

Now the lads are in bed and I’m in my PJ’s about to enjoy a glass of red. X


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