Attitude of Gratitude

I have lots to be thankful for, so for the next few weeks I will be putting up my A-Z of gratitude.  I feel inspired to be intentional about having an attitude of gratitude. I would love it if you posted comments and joined with me in this little exercise.


A is for Asher.


We look at our number two lad sometimes and shake our heads in wonder – where did he come from?! We laugh about the many faces of Asher – think Jim Carey and you will come close to imagining the things this child can do with his face.  He makes us laugh hysterically most days.  He is full of affection and often we will hear “I love you to the milky way and back 100 times” as he wraps his arms around us.  Asher is motivated by fun.  He loves to entertain with stunt shows and magic shows.  He is a collector of random, weird things, which I secretly steal away and put in the bin every few weeks.  This is to prevent his room from appearing on that horrid show, “Hoarders”.  No, I don’t feel bad about this, and no, it won’t have an adverse affect on his adult life that I took things away without him knowing.

How quaint that his name rhymes with some of the words that best describe him – Flasher, Dasher and Stasher.


So very thankful that he is ours. He is simply delightful.


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