Superhero in an apron

I had a very strange experience yesterday. I wore an apron. Not just any apron, but a stunning apron that my dear friend Betsy bought for me on her last trip to the US. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t wear an apron, partly because they remind me of scary school canteen ladies. However, this gorgeous thing has hung in my kitchen for almost a year now, and I must admit I have worn it on a few occasions.

Something astonishing happened when I put it on yesterday. Do you remember that thing that used to happen to Clark Kent when he walked into the phone booth? Geeky guy walks in, handsome hero walks out. Now transpose that scene to a kitchen and a mother:

A tired and frazzled mother drags herself into the kitchen desperate to avoid a trip to the supermarket on a Sunday. She searches the pantry, high and low for food for the kid’s school lunches the next day. It doesn’t look good. Sleepy, spent mumma reaches for her apron and BAM! Inspired and invigorated mumma appears in a jiffy! Instant super powers. She looks once again through the cupboards, this time finding shelves of inspiration. After some improvisation and much mess on every surface of the kitchen, there before her was the triumphant picture of three lunch boxes packed ready for the next day!

But wait, there’s more… she baked afternoon tea, whipped up some carrot and ginger soup and a loaf of gluten free bread (that this turned out looking infected with some weird wart disease need not matter).

Apron Woman to the rescue! This was pantry art at its best. Sunday was saved and the supermarket could wait for another day.

Tune in next time for the next adventure of APRON WOMAN!


One thought on “Superhero in an apron

  1. I loved that apron so much I bought myself one too (from gorgeous Anthropologie in Denver CO) and funnily enough I turn into a domestic goddess when I put it on too!! You are gorgeous!

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