Knit? Not.

Is it just me or do the blockbuster blogs seem to be primarily written by mothers who can do everything??  They knit, sew, cook, paint, homeschool and manage to have a beautifully decorated home and manicured acreage, all whilst raising 17 kids.

Ok, what’s the deal with that?

I have tried to get my crafty on several times and mostly it’s ended with me resolving to never craft again. My finished projects look like someone gave a blindfolded five-year a pair of scissors and a glue stick to play with. Surely I am not a stand alone crafting catastrophe?

I take my hat off to those mothers out there who can juggle sharp knitting needles whilst pinning down a squirming toddler with a nappy that looks like a work of art from one of those creepy museums.  I’m just not one of them.


3 thoughts on “Knit? Not.

  1. hahaha The Gods of craft are not shining upon thee, and yet you are so amazingly creative?? tell us about some of your cooking adventures ha ha!!!!

  2. had i had access to knitting needles when babygirl was a toddler, i probably would have pinned *her* down with the needles. also, i’m over forty and not allowed to use a glue gun. i actually think it might be a law in this city now ….

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