I am a mother of two sons and wife of one man. I always wanted sons because I never wanted to raise someone like me. Mum tried and all things considering, she didn’t do a bad job.

Raising boys never has a dull moment. I grew up with two older brothers and endured their torturous ways, so I think I have all the training I needed for mothering lads. I enjoy the dirt, the energy, the humour and the conversation that takes place in our house. However, in saying that, I must admit I am perplexed by the attention that one part of their cute male bodies gets. News flash – I am the only person in this house without a penis, and apparently I need regular reminding of this fact.

Yes boys, you have a penis, but why does it need so much attention?

No, I don’t have a penis, so when will you stop asking me where it’s gone, or where is it hiding, or why I don’t have one? I’m ok with it, and so should you be. Please don’t feel sorry for me.

It feels good to get that off my chest… and no, I don’t feel the urge to pull my pants down to celebrate (unlike some members of my family).

(and all the mothers of sons shouted “Amen!”)


4 thoughts on “Mummanatomy

  1. I’m also outnumbered — two boys, one husband, and a beagle. I feel your pain! I think it will get worse when my boys are out of diapers and I have to share a bathroom with these people. I enjoyed your post. Good luck!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Oh yes, sharing a bathroom does make life more interesting – in fact you have just given me another idea for a post. So, so many bathroom stories!!! x

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